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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  September 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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at 7 starts now. it is 7:00 a.m. this wednesday morning left of your screen the sun making an appearance should be a very nice day today. glad you are with us, good morning i am steve chenevey. >> i am alison seymour. the promise of a new day always exciting. i think i robbed that from a song but it sounded good coming out is that a song liar rick tony? -- lyric tony? >> i'm sure it should be if it is not. maybe i will pen it later. a warm summary day on tap, then cool fall nights on tap. it is a quiet start to the day, not much to show you, a cold front out to the north and west mostly a cold front it does have rain showers associated with it across st. louis but for us dry conditions except
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for when the front comes through later on it could trigger a shower or thunderstorm here or there. not a big chance of that happening but could. off to the north and west another front will bring a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. that will be tomorrow. here is a look at temperatures across the region. 68 degrees now in the nation's capitol, 70 at the naval air station. 70 ocean city. 64 dulles airport. forecast today looks like this, lots of sunshine a warm one 20% chance of a rain shower thunderstorm late this afternoon or during the evening highs mid-to upper 80s. baltimore 84, washington 85 for your high now an update on traffic from julie. >> all right tony authorities are checking for a crash southbound baltimore washington parkway after 197 possibly tieing up the left half of the roadway, travelling southbound, accident activity involving
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this bus and this car the front end of the car definitely shushed in at this point you will -- smooshed in at this point. you will have slow going there. meanwhile travelling in 66 lanes are open looking good in ma that sis then slow at fair oaks and 123, belt way inner loop on the slow side arlington boulevard to 66 that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a step up in security near one school in prince georges county. >> it comes two days after students were robbed at gun point stacy cohen live with the details. good morning i will tell you that is a scary thing for parents to have to face hearing about these armed robberies it was an amazing attack school starlets 7:30 a.m. here at friendly -- starts at 7:30 a.m. here at friendly high school the kids were walking along. the first group of students there were three of them on
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their way to school when four suspects approached in a late 1990s grey toyota camry they apparently were armed these people they committed the robbery went on their way and students continued to school in the second case there were three students a 13-year-old and two 17-year-olds in that case the suspect pulled up, two jumped out of the car brandished an assault rifle and handgun stole jewellery, cell phones and took off. understandably parents are very concerned. >> as of today, we started taking my son and nephew to school. i just want other parents to know maybe they need to make other arrange 789s or just be a- - arrangements or just be aware. >> reporter: now apparently there are going to be extra police out here some parents say they will walk their children to school until the suspects are apprehended reporting live stacy cohen back
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to you. >> thank you. >> new this morning police are investigating after a man was shot and killed in prince georges county this happened 12:30 a.m. this morning inside a home along garrett avenue, police say there were several people inside the house at the time no word yet on a suspect or a motive. >> it appears lawyers for the woman charged with killing her coworker in the lulu lemon store in bethesda will not pursue an insanity defense. a judge said monday is the deadline for defense to file court papers for an insanity defense but online shows those papers were not filed. >> casey anthony's defense attorney taking on another local case. baez has been retained to defend gary giarodono he claims
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she was swept out to sea during snorkeling. he cannot argue in court but can provide assistance. new developments on the all day attack in afghanistan. almost 20 hours yesterday and into this morning, fighters attacked u.s. embassy and nato headquarters in the capitol of afghanistan. four police officers and three afghan civilians were killed as well as six insurgents. no americans were hurt the attack raises questions about afghanistan's security months before u.s. troops leave that country. release of two americans jailed in iran might not be as emanant as first thought iran's judiciary says today it is still reviewing details of a plan for bower and fatale to be let out of jail.
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he does not have direct authorities over judicial decisions. president obama takes his jobs plan to north carolina yesterday the second stop on the home state of republican leaders tour. house speaker boehner's district in ohio. president obama again saying the jobs debate is not about politics even as he charges that unnamed republicans are focused on denying him a victory. >> give me a win? this isn't about giving me a win or democrats or republicans a win it is about giving the american people a win. >> all he is doing is just proposing a hodgepodge of retread ideas aimed at convincing people a temporary fix is permanent and that it will create permanent jobs and then daring republicans to vote against it. later this morning the president will pitch his jobs proposal at a business in raleigh. the white house says the business will benefit from the
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jobs bill. >> house has two more republicans. first the upset to new york that may send a tough message to the white house. anthony weaners former house seat has swung to the gop. >> republicans hope this signals more weakness for the white house next year either way this election was a stunner. at first blush there is just no reason that republican bob turner should celebrate a victory this morning. >> this message will resound for a full year and will resound into 2012. we only hope our voices are heard and we can start putting things right again. >> reporter: the 70-year-old political new comer, won the district that sent anthony weaner to washington after he resigned in june.
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>> >> conservatives were savouring the win. obama won this district by 11 points in 08, obama is the factor there is no spinning this. >> the president was an issue new york's 9th district is liberal but heavily jewish and frosty white house relations with israel may not have helped even though turner is catholic and his opponent is an orthodox jew. >> we literally had an army of volunteers out there. but that wasn't enough and republicans hope the trend in congress carries over to the white house next year. in washington doug luzader fox news. nevada another pick up for republicans in the house. former senator, mark amode easily defeated kate marshall in rural nevada district. the former state gop chairman promises to fight for balanced budget amendment and assign an anti tax pledge.
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to new jersey, carl lewis gets the go ahead to run for office. the famous athlete is becoming a candidate for state senate he wasn't allowed to run at first because of a residency dispute but now he is getting his name on the ballot for november election. at least 20 people arrested in dea investigation dubbed operation blue coast, stretched from florida to connecticut, three tsa workers, two others police officers they accepted cash and other bribes to allow drugs and drug money to be transported up and down the east coast. this video of a child being frisked sparked outrage in april. children 12 and younger will no longer be required to take off their shoes at security check
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point and security process will be changed to avoid pat downs. we could learn about the alleged health risk associated with fort dee trick. organizers will share new results and significant new findings they are trying to get to the bottom of cases of cancer and illness that effected families living near fort detrik for decades. we will share more about the new findings. a look into what caused the worst offshore oil spill in u.s. history, comes as revelations bp made critical mistakes on the well. other investigations have faulted misreadings of data by engineers and bridge crew members. >> 10 minutes past the hour a mixed bag of results from a new
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teen driving study. good and bad news coming up in a live report. >> the world's largest retailer aiming to do more work with women. what new initiative wal-mart is launching today. as we head to break let's take another lookout side it should be a nice day today, we will get the latest traffic updates from julie wright a little heavy on the 14th street bridge. your forecast coming up as well che y aeon dgome.
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>> we've got a flood. could be a dishwasher, a water heater. all i know is that we've got a floor in trouble. this is where the rubber hits the road, the nose breaks the grindstone, and the angels start second guessing where they tread. ♪ call 1-800-steemer ♪
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to minnesota, a rapidly expanding wild fire spreading smoke across the upper midwest it has become a plume drip event when the fire makes its -- plume driven event when the fire makes its own environment it can be smelled as far away as chicago. i heard someone in green bay
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wisconsin who can smell it there. amazing. >> that is a smell that lingers for a long time. >> sure does. >> one thing you never hear about when you have these wild fires it is weeks and weeks and weeks where you still have that smell. amazing the whole creating of its own weather system. >> it is you know it is bad, but fascinating how that happens. all right, we've got calm conditions in our area today, really the next new days with the except of a few thunderstorms that might pop up not so much today but likely tomorrow. let's look at temperaturetake a tour around the nation we are at 68 degrees, we remain at 68 for this hour. 68 raleigh north carolina, cool up to the northrees look how warm to the south, dallas 68 degrees this early in the morning, wichita can is a, 66 lots of 50s out to the west let's check with that national satellite radar composite you will see a more active map than
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what we have been showing you recently more weather occurring most of it in the nations mid- section getting rain moving across some thunder and lightning as well. we have areas of heavy rain south is west to the city continuing rainfall across the southwest states five day forecast, 87 degrees summary day humidity, moderate levels of humidity, 20% chance of a shower or thunder storm popping up late in the afternoon or evening and then tonight, most of you won't get that tomorrow 77 degrees, chance of -- better chance of showers and thunderstorms, friday, 66 overnight low, friday into saturday, 51 in town, which means outside of town, in the 40s. friday night into saturday. very nice saturday and sunday. there you go. >> what in the dickens. >> if you are out friday night, saturday night you will need a jacket. >> there you go alison go find
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your jacket now you need an excuse. >> thank you i needed that retail therapy. >> a need for it hi julie >> i am telling you alison i got an extra pair of jam mys with the feet in them if you need them. >> i might be calling on you. >> here is the accident activity, southbound 270, german town, courtesy of the crew at sky fox as you travel south, you will find the accident activity confined to the shoulder. this involving a bus and one other vehicle we have some traffic able to get by very slowly anticipate a slow go coming out of clarks burg as traffic squeezes by to the right. delays coming south at least 121, 355 could save you some time looking good as an alternate route no problems to report for those of you coming out of poolsville trying to avoid this mess on 270, taking it back inside checking out your ride, southbound 29,
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leaving 198 headed out toward the capitol belt way, lanes open southbound on 29, 95 starting to stack up 198 and as you work towards 212 belt way outer loop slow, 95 headed around towards georgia avenue, eastbound 66 not busy here in manassas and again at the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. for years there have been controversial debates whether teens should be made to wait to get their drivers licenses or given staggered privileges new research showing mixed results on how well those such restrictions work sarah is back with that. well, steve motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for american teenagers a new study finds implementing world or nationwide graduated driver licensing programs helps keep younger teens alive that same benefit is not seen in older teens. >> reporter: it is a terrifying scene repeating itself over and over on america's roads fatal
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car crashes involving teenage drivers in an effort to help reduce the number of teen accidents graduated drivers licensing programs were instituted nationwide. >> the idea to let them get experience under their belt before we expose them to the full risks of driving. >> many of these programs vary state to state. >> in some states they can still become fully licensed at age 16 in a place like california they can only drive completely unencumbered at 17 or older >> it is my top priority stay safe. >> she has been driving for two years graduating from a permit to full license >> i started with my dad he taught me the rules my mom let me drive her car and so that was a real big step when they felt i was ready they let me take my test. >> dr. madson from california department of motor vehicles, looked at crashes nationwide.
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researchers looked at crashes where someone died and a teen was driving. >> the programs are associated with saving lives among 16-year- old drivers they are associated with an increase in fatalities among 18-year-old drivers. >> the study appears in this week's journal of american medical a association. >> this is a missed opportunity we are not helping reduce deaths among 18-year-old drivers, benefits are not as large as we hoped they would be. getting that drivers license is a right of passage for teens as cassidy sheen's big day after being part of the program, the waiting is over. >> thank you. >> how did you do? >> only made four errors. >> good. >> megan will be back to tackle the written test both girls know lots of practice behind the wheel and paying attention on the road will only help make them better and safer drivers.
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and the study appears in today's issue of the journal of american medical association. national transportation safety board wants commercial drivers to quit using their cell phones completely no texting, no calling not even if it is hands free calling. a deadly crash last year in kentucky prompted the move and recommendation a truck driver making a call crossed into an on coming lane, killing a family on their way to a wedding the recommendation goes to the federal motor carrier association in all 50 states they will decide whether to enact a ban. >> world largest retailer is taking steps to help women. they will spend $20 billion on goods and services from u.s. businesses owned by women and plans to double the amount it pays to women run suppliers overseas and offer training factory tremendouses including
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life skills and -- and factories including life skills and literacy. a big victory for republicans last night as they add two seats to the house. political strategists from both parties will break it down. >> holly in a road trip and a trip back in time she is at charles town west virginia they are getting ready to celebrate their heritage. we will check with her later on
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satncammr mm
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a sad ending to the story of a well traveled shore bird, researchers at college of williammary had been tracking a bird for two years as part of a migration study the bird traveled more than 2700 miles from canada to the coast of brazil he survived hurricane irene and tropical storm maria
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but the bird was killed over the weekend by hunters on the island of guadalupe french westin dees, while unfortunate the shooting was legal. new life sciences lab will house university's nationally recognized program. it is expected to be finished in 2013 a new residence hall will be the first on campus housing for graduate students construction observing that will wrap up by end of next year. the day parents of high school seniors waited for u.s. newworld reports out with its list of top colleges and universities. >> two in our area made top 25, georgetown university came in 22, university of virginia 25. harvard, princeton, yale columbia california institute of technology thank you very
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much alan. 7:27 a.m. on this wednesday morning as the president hits the road to out the his jobs plan conflicting signals coming from the white house how strongly he will insist it be passed by congress in its entirety. we will check with political analysts coming up. a live lookout side the latest weather and traffic from tony and julie 7:27 a.m. stay with us
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7:30 a.m., let's look at traffic, off to a good start weather and traffic is off to a good start. >> is this the last super warm day? >> period? >> well, this little time. >> this week. yeah. >> okay. >> yeah, last day 80s tomorrow 70s and 60s after that. and then i will tell you this, after tomorrow after we get through a few thunderstorms looks like we go through a very nice period where weather will be very quiet and daytime highs, 70s. >> comfortable. >> pretty nice. >> let's show you where we are starting already in the 60s in
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a couple spots, 70 degrees early this morning, here are temperatures, 68 degrees currently, in washington dc p. of course just as i say we have a couple 70s annapolis drops to 69 degrees. at 70 for a better part of the morning. >> 66 degrees quantico, culpepper 61, off to the east salisbury 68 degrees here is a look at national map now, it is interesting, because we have a pretty good amount of rainfall right in the nations mid- section across the plain states, areas of heavy rain illinois pushing into indiana. quiet conditions for us along the east coast for the most part it will stay that way today, with the exception of a couple lonely showers and thunderstorms popping up here and there, i think particularly north and west of the city late this afternoon and during the evening hours, how much rain? not a lot looking at our future cast, projection of what is going to be going on during the course of the day clear skies
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for the most part this morning a little bit of fog out there this morning. that is it maybe around 5:00 p.m., a couple showers popping up mention off to the north and west there you see that there and through the evening hours, tomorrow better chance of having rainfall move in here including a couple thunderstorms in afternoon and evening, forecast today, looks like this mostly sunny and warm a few afternoon thunderstorms, 87 degrees for your high, then for tonight temperatures 60s. partly cloudy isolated early showers and thunderer storms, 69 degrees for your low, five day forecast, all right, 87 today how about 77 tomorrow, and then 66 on friday saturday looks to be really nice partly sunny 68, maybe 70 degrees, sunday partly sunny mostly sunny i will say in fact 72 degrees, great weather, for the red skins game at fedex field sunday afternoon. there you go that is a look at
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the weather now let's find out what is happen being traffic for that julie wright. >> all right tony still busy delays especially if you are heading southbound along 29 slow down occurs, leaving 198, also a crash along southbound bw parkway, the accident activity along the west side of the road they moved it to the shoulder, police are there. all right roads on the outer loop of the belt way, still tied up 95 colesville road along georgia avenue. crash southbound 270, cleared, delays improving out of clarks berg. eastbound 66 on the brakes the entire trip, fair oaks, and to the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you two republican faces to welcome to the house after yesterday's special elections in new york state and
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nevada. while they already are not embracing president obama's jobs plan and the candidates who would like to replace him take shots at each other. good morning nice to see you both let's start with the jobs plan peter let me start with you what do you like in this, and does it have a chance of getting through. >> well, i think there are certain parts of it that will get through i hope republicans come around. what is not to like you know, tax breaks worth $1,500 to the average family if you have a problem with your mortgage, upwards of $2,000, you are going to save with refinancing of your mortgage, tax breaks for small businesses to hire new workers, it seems to me this is a plan that should be passed it should move and most
7:35 am
of it alison actually was supported or cosponsored by republicans in the past so it seems to me you know, they ought to get off the dime here and move it. >> jim. >> do you agree with that? >> what is not to like? >> absolutely. >> i don't know how about $447 billion in tax increases, that -- >> well, those -- a lot of those are tax cuts. middle class families. >> no tax increases. some economic pro if he is tores ran some numbers yesterday -- professors ran some numbers yesterday do you know per job what it will cost tax payers $235,000 per job created. how does raising taxes create jobs? >> if you can't take the whole amount and divide it you are talking about tax cuts.
7:36 am
>> we are talking about tax increases we just tried this a year and a half ago, with the stimulus two it failed. even worse the first stimulus package, the american tax payers are on the hook for $535 million. a half billion dollars wasted and now we are doing this again? >> this is not -- >> let me just finish okay [ overlapping voices ] >> well finish. >> let me get my thoughts again you just destroy what had i am going to have to say peter. bottom line is this guy is just trying to do somethings short term to create jobs for his re- election this is not creating any long term process. >> jim let's sit back here. everybody says, you saw today in washington post. >> the stories about the -- >> zero jobs created with the stimulus. you know are you kidding me?
7:37 am
three million jobs created. >> according to the congressional budget office. >> let me just finish. >> and here is what you've got, you've got a situation now, where i think republicans are saying we are not going to -- a lot of them are saying we are not going to pass anything because if it creates jobs if it helps put money in people's pockets we are not going to do anything we care about the next election. >> let me tell you something you just said this earlier i agree with you parts of this might pass i don't think all of it will pass but i think parts might pass. and so what is wrong with that? let's pick out the good parts. >> let me -- >> it seems to me i do want to talk about some other things but seems the sticking points would be raising or having the wealthiest of us chip in more having big corporations chip in more would that ever fly right now in this climate? >> not in this climate it won't. >> to pay for this how would we
7:38 am
pay for this. >> here is what the president said, those top 2% should not get an extension of tax cuts that were put through by bush but if this congress doesn't want to do that, then the super committee, increase the savings from $1.2 trillion to help pay for this program. the key thing look we have a situation in this country right now, one out of six americans are in poverty, the average incomes have dropped black and hispanic poverty is two and a half times what whites are. >> it is terrible. >> the notion government has no role let me give you one other example you are not going to extend unemployment compensation you are going to put these folks out on the streets? i think you have got to do that. that kind of thing that money, goes directly into the economy.
7:39 am
you know, so i hope they pass the bilk of it. >> i don't -- bulk of it. >> i don't -- here is the situation you have. we are doing this we are throwing money at the problem. we have all this government, what has it done for us. okay. >> teachers and firefighters. what has it done? [ overlapping voices ] >> it prevented a depression. >> we really could only talk about that but i want to get to the special election republicans picked up two more seats in the house what is this message i know what you are going to say i want to hear it from you jim what is the message. >> here, a couple monthses ago if you asked me i would have said republicans would win in nevada and lose in new york. what happened was the democrats spent an awful lot of time recruiting, a woman who won statewide in nevada put a lot
7:40 am
of money in that seat and they lost. new york however was a huge surprise this is a seat not only was this anthony weiners seat but chuck humanners seat and geraldines seat. the president had a 37% approval rating in this district, among orthodox jews a 17% approval rating. you read the new york time this is morning, it will tell you that this is a message to the president, things are terrible and we are tired of the same old same old and that plus the president's position on israel. that plus the president's position on israel is basically, a created -- i would think a lot of alarms going off in the white house and every place else >> i wouldn't over blow this. >> last word peter. >> i wouldn't over blow this a couple things this is a
7:41 am
district that obama did carry nine points less than he carried in new york this is an increasingly conservative district orthodox jews as jim pointed out were angry about the president's statement about the 67 boarders. so the candidate of the democratic party supported, which i think was the right call but he supported gay marriage which is not popular there. so you had a situation, where some of those issues were playing heavily. my point would be is it a loss? sure was it a loss to republicans? it sure was. i wouldn't over blow this stuff you know i wouldn't say oh, my god the sky is falling. >> proceed on your own terms. another week in the books we appreciate you. steve over to you. thanks 7:41 a.m. coming up after nearly 50 years the easy bake oven getting a bit of a make over thanks to the federal government what role the feds played in the new
7:42 am
oven look. coming up next
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cs/w g ?céa3f?
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making headlines nasa relies on russia to get supplies to the space station but they are delaying the launch of the next crew and that is worrying nasa managers. they were hoping to eventually use private companies to ferry people to the space station one of the companies based in vienna had engine problems last june. >> iconic easy bake oven getting a make over the signature, 100-watt light bulb no long era part of the oven federal officials have been moving to phase out incandescent light bulbs, now easy bake is redesigned and has a heating element more that of a traditional element it retails for $50. did you have one? >> i don't think i did. i think sidney had one but this should be little boys in that commercial that is extremely
7:46 am
sexist to have girls. who is the great chef you thing of? chef boyardee. >> chef gordon ramsay. >> it was a traditional gift back in the day for girls. >> why? >> back in the day that is how people thought. >> so in 2011 let's get some boys in the commercial. >> all right. >> really this doesn't work does it? >> easy button microwave that is what people do. >> i never got the whole concept. >> if 2-year-olds can run ipads and everything else they can cook. >> true. >> stop putting our kids in these traps. >> very good. >> listen, let's talk about what is going on with our weather conditions around the region temperatures out there, not bad, not a bad start to the day currently, i am sorry what was the time cue? >> time is up. >> my time is up already? now i am not getting an answer
7:47 am
all right there is one map here is another. some cool air will move in here is your five day forecast. >> you know what? >> my rant got you messed up. >> that is it you are done. >> i really thing he could have more time if he wanted it >> how do i know? >> you are the boss. >> all right julie is the boss she take it is time she wants. >> oh, we went to julie too early. see. rushed through the weather don't tell me [ overlapping voices ] >> don't give me a threat you know. go to julie see what you get. >> you might get more easy bake oven talk. >> okay. >> is that it? >> they want to talk about a story killed, target started the smithsonian line this high profile designer line and it sold out in 15 minutes. >> good for target anything to get people in the doors or on the line >> target is great though.
7:48 am
that is a good deal. >> well, it is over now so next time you and me will go. >> that's right. all right on the roads right now southbound baltimore washington parkway we had problems earlier i believe we find a crew in sky fox checking out the ride 197 we had reports of an incident tieing up the left side of the road. coming southbound no incidents to report volume with you leaving 198 out towards 197, coming in from the west, we have delays travelling inbound, 7100, the toll road, headed in towards the belt way that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you so very much. >> it is 7:48 a.m. after the break we are going to head to charles town west virginia, holly took a road trip this morning. >> can we switch the prompter. city is getting ready to celebrate their own swag here is holly in a grave yard though. holly you okay? >> reporter: good morning nothing like yeah nothing like
7:49 am
starting the morning in the cemetery right you can come visit too this weekend go to 15 different historic and haunted spots all filled with authentic stories of restless spirits it is a ghost tour and one of the many things going on as part of the charles town heritage festival this weekened we will tell you first hand why you and your family don't want to miss it. stay with us td si
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7:52 am
so you are taking a little road trip this weekend it is not far to go to charles town west virginia. >> holly there as they get ready for their heritage festival, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it takes about 90 minutes to get here from dc that is what it took us this morning once you get here allow some time to make the most of this festival
7:53 am
they have lots of wonderful things planned joe is the city manager i don't like being in the cemetery by myself i want to go on record saying that. >> but you know it is so charming when you drive through and see the town there is so much here and a lot to celebrate give me an idea why you thing it is important to have this weekend. >> it is our 225th anniversary we are celebrating the founding of our town, we are going to have craft vendors, lining our main street we will have live music, gospel, folks, bluegrass, reenactments going on 1860 saw session vote going on in our main square a civil war encampment jefferson memorial park saturday. events going on all weekend starting friday, the main event saturday, and then of course the horse parade and everything tieing up sunday >> lots of fun old stories to
7:54 am
tell. some of them scarier than others. >> yes, yes, it is. ghost tour is one of our main events. >> is the whole point to get the locals out to celebrate your heritage together or more to get people to come to charles town and see what you have to offer. >> absolutely an opportunity for everyone from all areas to come in and discover what we have to offer downtown charles town. >> what do you think the people don't know that you offer? >> well, again, it is history we are only 90 miles away from dc and some people don't even know we are here. >> are you telling me people thing it is only races and slots? >> that's it. >> i hear that commercial in my head over and over. when you say charles town but there is a whole lot more. >> hollywood casino is one of our sponsors this year along with city national bank, american public university and they are partnered with us in all this and want to support us in this event as well. >> wow, i think i put it off long enough joe i am going in for the ghost tour.
7:55 am
i am checking in with ann good morning. >> good morning holly how are you? >> i am doing well tell me about the ghost tour experience. >> it lasts 2 hours. >> is it dark? >> very dark. extremely dark about 15 sites, we talk about over 100 restless spirits every single story is 100% factual, it is documented and authentic, we go to two plus cemeteries, and it is fabulous a way for people to learn about history, with that chill factor. >> my question is there is a hundred spirits in charles town why are they all restless. we only have a minute, one thing is who knew there was a lot of washington family members buried here. >> actually, over in that direction over there, we have a claim to fame we have over 70 direct descendents of washington buried in this particular cemetery some were moved from st. georges chapel
7:56 am
grave yard one of the reasons it is thought they are restless. >> tell me your favorite ghost story. >> mary alibone turner sister of george w turner in the confederate army he was tragically killed in harpers ferry during the raid his sister was his youngest sister and she just adored him looked up to him and he was killed and when the riderless horse and carriage came back through again she became hysterical she grieved and grieved and said on her death certificate that she died of a broken heart. >> oh, you are so scared you are substituterring. >> i know i am waiting for her to come up. >> if that was me i kept looking over, what do i see over my shoulder a restless spirit. our website. we have a link going on friday, saturday and sunday check it out, the ghost tour start the jefferson county courthouse
7:57 am
7:30 a.m., bring a flashlight or do it in the dark. we will head over to the courthouse and check in with the mayor. back the you all. >> thank you 7:57 a.m. if you are looking for work we are here to help you get ahead in your job search. >> while other employers are cutting back one major field where jobs are rising fast how to get your it career started there are over 200 varieties of gourmet coffee that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval.
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local students robbed at gun point walking to school. live on the scene what is being done keep the kids safe. >> if you are looking for work you will want to know the it business is red hot and it is supposed to only pick up we will have tips on how to break into this business and we will take a look at the most in demand jobs. >> many americans trying to be responsible using a debit card to avoid interest charges on credit cards, some places where debit cards should be off limits we will tell you where our consumer reporter joining us with more at 8:30 a.m. i am steve chenevey >> i am alison seymour good morning we say good morning to
8:01 am
tony perkens a look at really nice still summery day today. >> yep one last one for the short term cooler temperatures after that. today 80s once again i think even warmer than yesterday. hd radar, things are quiet out there and will be for the bulk of the day a frontal boundary that will sink south ward it could ignite a thunder storm or two or a shower. best chance north and west of the city i would give it only a 20% shot of happening most of you remain dry through the day today, maybe some of you late afternoon or during the evening hours, a shower or thunderstorm secondary front will come through tomorrow, better chance of producing some rain and has a better chance of really lowering our temperatures, right now regan national airport reporting a temperature 68 degrees relative humidity 87% we have had a little bit of fog and haze winds out of the southwest, 5 miles per
8:02 am
hour. forecast today lots of sunshine, 20% late day shower or thunder storm highs into the 80s. 85 baltimore, 88 fredericks burg, 87 washington. that is a look at the weather more coming up in a little bit. let's check with julie, at 8:00 a.m. >> all right you guys busy ride for those travelling northbound i-97, 301 accident activity here tieing up the right side of the highway, coming southbound on the parkway as well as 198, working your way out towards capitol belt way, delays, laurel, eastbound 66 no incidents to report heavy volume leaving fair oaks, find the belt way slow, anand dale, no problems to report travelling south, 270, earlier problem in german town has cleared expect delays to continue as you head out towards rockville. 95 headed towards georgia
8:03 am
avenue travelling new hampshire, a problem with the signal lights. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. prince georges county police are investigating an overnight homicide a man was shot and killed inside a home along garrett avenue, officers arrived at the scene 12:30 a.m. they say several people were inside at the time no word on a suspect or motive. local students robbed as they walked to school this happens earlier this week now steps are being taken to help keep kids safe. stacy cohen live in fort washington. >> reporter: well, it was interesting to watch the commute to school this morning. i was waiting for some walkers to come up here and talk to me outside friendly high school there were none to be found almost all of the children we saw all of the children we saw from our vantage point were dropped off either by a bus or by their parents in fact one lady just drove across the street and that shows you exactly how worried parents are
8:04 am
as a result of robberies here is what we know back on monday apparently is when this all started police say four suspects all dressed in dark clothing were driving around in a late 1990s grey toyota camry and they were robbing students who were walking to school at gun point in one case there was a group of three students a 13- year-old and two 17-year-olds when the car approached, two suspects jumped out of the car, they were armed with an assault rifle and a handgun. they stole jewellery, cell phones, iphone before speeding away now none of the students were hurt in this attack parents clearly are concerned. i know my son and my nephew are afraid as a parent it is -- it scares me when you send your kids to school you know, it is just a mothers fear feeling like you know, is something going to happen. >> we saw law enforcement out here today i am told it will
8:05 am
certainly be out here the rest of the week parents may continue to be cautious until the suspects are caught. reporting live stacy cohen back to you. >> thank you very much. meantime an alert this morning about a stolen gas truck, the oil truckloaded with more than 3,000-gallons of gas was stolen some time late monday or early tuesday from a secured lot in warton maryland it has a maryland tag. the kent county sheriff's office says anyone who has seen this truck is asked to call 911 or contact the kent county sheriff's office. flood victims from one local community are staying in a temporary shelter that will close this coming friday trailers in wood bridge were ripped off their foundations thursday in holly acres mobile home park 60 families forced from their homes. residents want prince william county to keep that shelter open longer than just until friday. >> after friday we don't have a
8:06 am
place where to stay. >> i think the worst thing we could do is give those poor folks false hope and a false indication we will be able to provide for their long term housing needs we will not be able to do that they need to be out there working hard to find new housing we are firm on that deadline that facility is no longer available after friday >> county leaders cannot keep the shelter open the residents don't qualify for federal emergency relief. republican won new york city's open congressional seat new cormer bob turner beat democrat yesterday to fill anthony weiners seat. many are asking if voter frustration is to blame. republican won nevada's special election. he beat the democrat in a race not like the upset in new york
8:07 am
democrats have never won that district. president barack obama is taking his job sales pitch to north carolina later this morning he will visit a business in raleigh area the white house says would benefit from the proposal he has been pressing congress to pass right away he will then speak at north carolina state university he sent the jobs bill to capitol hill earlier this week it includes $450 billion in tax cuts and credits designed to encourage business. >> one area that might see hiring is in the it sector the it business still hot and supposed to pick up. >> coming up, tips on how to break into this business and a look at the most in demand jobs. >> one in six americans living in poverty but some say it could be even worse than that. a closer look at new numbers here on fox 5 morning news. stay with us
8:08 am
8:09 am
8:10 am
8:10 a.m., stories making
8:11 am
headlines, to were i of two released in iran may not happen as quickly as thought they are still reviewing a plan for shane and josh to be let out from jail. he does not have direct authority over judicial decisions. montgomery county council postponing a vote on teen curfew until november. the curfew would anyone under age 18 from public places late at night. >> government workers in fairfax county getting their first raise in three years the board of supervisors voted unanimously for the boost intake. they will get a 2% pay raise this year. 11 minutes past 8. >> tony you have something for
8:12 am
us? >> yes, something good something guaranteed to make you smile it is time for the my first 5 photo of the day,. >> ah. >> check him out. >> what is going on. >> this is braylin. 14 months old loves playing singing and eating his favorite snack graham crackers. >> i love the graham crackers. >> i don't know what it is about them. >> toasty and. >> tasty. >> he is really cute love that outfit too and that little smile. >> i would love to know what he is saying he is saying something. >> you know he is saying something. >> he is saying more graham crackers. >> right give me the graham crackers mama. >> good to see you, thank you for sending that in if you want to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. >> satellite radar, now have no fear what you are seeing here is moisture i told you humidity levels are up 85% we have had
8:13 am
some fog this morning, that is just moisture, not rain being picked up by our sentinel radar, let's pull this out and show you across the country, there are rain showers across your nations mid-section in the plains from texas up on into parts of iowa and nebraska and soon to be pushing into wisconsin places like that. >> all right that is a look at the satellite radar right now area temperatures, area airport temperatures, 70 degrees regan national, 66 dulles, 68 bwi marshall. forecast today next 5 days high today 87 degrees can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm late in the day or this evening but a warm day last really warm day for awhile tomorrow, temperatures below normal 70s a better chance for scattered rain and thunderstorms friday looks good. cool, mid-60s saturday, upper 60s to 70. sunday 72 degrees mostly sunny skies for the red skins game yeah looks like it will be
8:14 am
nice. that is a look at what is happening with the weather, now an update on traffic once again julie. >> all right tony kind of busy out there this morning we do have a couple more accidents to report travelling northbound, 97 headed towards pearl 301 accident activity tieing up the right side of the roadway southbound new hampshire avenue, accident activity involving a truck only the left lane is able to squeeze by. lingering delays, i-95, capitol belt way a 15 minute drive, southbound 29 on the brakes leaving white oak headed out towards four corners outer loop of the belt way slow, headed past georgia avenue all lanes open no incidents to report coming across the american legion bridge and then eastbound 6 of on the brakes, -- 66 on the brakes. 8:15 a.m. if you are looking for work our
8:15 am
job shop is a great resource today's job to have day dcs corporation alexandria looking for a computer engineer with 12 years experience security clearance required if you would like to check out this job or others go to click on the job shop tab top of the home page. >> good news for those thinking about getting a job in it technology executives expect it hiring to increase joining us now with more, the regional vice president for robert half technology here in dc area. >> thanks for having me. this is great news this goes opposite to many job sectors the fact that more and more employ injuries are cutting back it -- employers are cutting back it field picking up. >> it is. robert half survey interviewed more than 113 cios a couple good points that stick out 92%
8:16 am
of those cios expect additional hiring in the 4th quarter and they are optimistic about their growth potential in the 4th quarter second of all across the country, we expected cios will hire, 6% more or additional staff in the 4th quarter now we are in the south atlantic region and that number even goes up 2 more percent to 8% it sounds very good >> sounds good not just cross country but here in the dc region. even better. >> dc is insulated from job stress but sounds like this is good news for everybody. >> when you consider unemployment, national unemployment rate, 9 .1% and then look at specific position within it such as systems architect, the unemployment rate for systems architect is .8%. >> all right that is a good field to get into. what are some of the jobs that are going to be available in it sector. >> sure i would like to
8:17 am
highlight three network administrators, they are in high demand, companies are looking to manage more complex networks these days, and so those who possess voice over it skills clad computing skills or software as a servicer in high demand data base developers is another hot area in the market those individuals who manage data bases, and have enterprise level experience so large experience in large environments with microsoft squel and oracle can command a higher pay raise and help desk individuals, desk top support professionals, who are also in high demand. cios told us repeatedly one of their top priorities is supporting their it customers, and so, these position also have a high rate of turn over
8:18 am
and so that remains a top position in the market today >> well, i can attest to the fact that we have one it person here and i think they get more ims and voice mails than anybody else in the entire building certainly jobs are in demand already in existence plus you say the whole field is in demand can people still break into this field if they are young and starting out or somebody who has years and years of experience but is looking for a better career or a career at this point can you break-in? >> you can it is important for anyone the write down the skills they possess and then the skills that they need to go out and acquire to break-in for this position that they want a good start would be getting some education. there are a lot of good schools, that are out there, that can help you with that career and looking for courses that have hands on experience tied to them is a good place to start. i think never under estimate
8:19 am
the power of networking, certainly social networking is very hot today, and so leveraging those tools can prove very beneficial. joining professional associations, so around the dc area, there are associations that you can join, to not only network but learn new technology. doesn't hurt to be aggressive either persistent. >> it doesn't and being proactive and finding those companies that are hiring, and networking with those companies i think also working with reputable recruiting firm can help. many jobs that are not posted are being worked by recruiters and those recruiters can also help you with your resume interviewing techniques i strongly suggest that. >> a lot of times by the time the job is posted it may already be filled or have a long list of folks wanting to
8:20 am
get it you brought us good advice and news, we appreciate that. >> thanks for having me. >> alison. 8:20 a.m., 7 degrees on this wednesday morning, 70 degrees parents know how stressful it is to travel with kids and it only got worse when new airport security screening rules meant taking off your shoes now those procedures are changing for young travelers. a little later we will travel back in with holly to check out the 2011 charles town heritage festival, stay with us fox 5 morning news will be right back
8:21 am
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some law enforcement find themselves on the other side of the law at least 20 people arrested in dea investigation dubbed operation blue coast that stretched from florida to connecticut three tsa workers, others police officers, they accepted cash and other bribes to allow drugdrug money to be transported up and down the east coast if convicted they face up to 20 years in prison and a fine up to $1 million. >> outrage from a woman taken off a plane on the 10th anniversary of 9/11 she was strip semperred and interrogated for four hours because of her middle eastern
8:24 am
appearance military jets escorted her flight from denver to detroit the stay at home mom and the two men next to her who spent a very long time in the bathroom were all detained the woman said she did not know those men no charges were filed. >> this video of a young child being frisked over and over by airport security sparked outrage new rules will be in place in a matter of weeks children under age 12 will no longer be required to take off their shoes at security check points and screening process for kids will be changed to avoid as many pat downs as possible officials warn there may be exceptions to keep airport security unpredictable. 8:24 a.m., more on those cancer concerns at fort detrick. >> many americans trying to be responsible for using that debit card to avoid interest charges on debit cards but some places where debit should be
8:25 am
off limits. 8:24 a.m. 70 degrees we will be right back wo d
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:28 a.m. right now, let's look at stories making headlines this morning we are just getting word of a shooting in laurel maryland police are in the 14700 block shiloh court where someone is shot in the head the victim appears to be alive but in serious condition. if assault on the u.s. embassy after -- the assault on u.s. embassy and oth buildings in kabul afghanistan is over. 15 people including afghan is he villains police officers and several insurgents -- civilians, police officers and several innovar gents were killed. >> friends and family say their final goodbyes to a soldier
8:29 am
killed in afghanistan. his burial will be held at arlington national cemetery the sterling virginia native killed by an ied on patrol in kandahar provinces. specialist green was 23 years old. >> two groups fighting for frederick, and the kristen renee foundation have called a press conference they are trying to get to the bottom of cases of cancer and illness that effected families living in the area for decades. a representative will gather with us this morning to share more about the findings. >> in honor of the 50th anniversary of combined federal campaign, they will get funky today at the dahlgren naval base >> they are attempting to break the guiness world record for the most people doing the cha cha slide number they need to beat 2,388 more than 8,000 people have been invited to
8:30 am
attend. it is the world's largest annual work place charity. >> good luck. steve i know you love the cha cha slide too. >> at times not going to lie >> i am not much of a dancer. >> you are not? >> i try. >> you put in effort. >> what is that? >> electric slide. >> is this the one from weddings? >> yeah. >> i do that. >> there is power in numbers. >> way in the back. >> there is always a strategy when i am out on the dance floor i try to get in the middle. hey, listen very warm this afternoon, highs back into the upper 80s. mid-to upper 80s enjoy today if you like summer time heat we have a taste of fall on the way. this weekend will be absolutely beautiful but notably cooler and less humid than today. 70 right now regan national, overnight lows not falling back a lot overnight low washington 68 so with humidity out there, feel summary as mentioned later this afternoon quantico 67,
8:31 am
leonard town, 70 degrees, off to the northwest fog, hagueers town 66 and 66 martins burg. looking out at satellite radar not a lot to show you generally quiet, two spots of rain there, up into central pennsylvania that is the first cold front if we can call it that which will get in later today that could kick off a scattered shower or thunderstorm most of today will be dry, north and west of the city later today as we get into the overnight hours and tomorrow the more serious of the two cold fronts out towards chicago, will get in here and probably just in time for tomorrow mornings commute, we will have a better chance scattered showers and thunderstorms, cooler and drier air starts to filter in tomorrow. mid- to upper 80s. cloud cover 70s and here we go 60s. 60 for a couple days as we get into the weekend. there you go let me get out of your way cold front moving through high pressure moving in canadian high pressure, and this is going to be the real
8:32 am
deal around here. very pleasant but friday night as mentioned football games that kind of thing, we will have temperatures, 40s and low 50s your five day forecast, 87 today, 77 tomorrow, friday and saturday highs 60s. overnight low 51 city early saturday morning we will have 40s around here, and then nice warm up by the end of the weekend back to mid-70s. >> let's look at weather back to you. >> thank you the forecast may be free but so many other things are not if you pay with plastic you may be swiping your debit card to avoid interest on a credit card but there is a warning this morning about some places where you should decline using that debit card. >> fox consumer reporter steve, joins us live and steve good morning seems like a good way to manage your money you know what comes out once you put your pin in. >> reporter: absolutely it is a great way for consumers to manage their money it forces you to stick to only spending the cash that you actually have on hand. merchants love debit it costs
8:33 am
them less money to process your transaction but there are some places where you should reconsider we will talk about the two biggest problem areas for consumers this morning first one rental deposits credit or debit? >> i sacred it. >> i go -- i sacred it. >> yeah absolutely, you should never use debit because when you are dealing with debit the money is with drawn from your account when it is time to get that money back at the end, you are literally asking someone for a refund minus whatever they took off the top if you use credit the money is just frozen and all you are asking for is a cancellation of the authorization of those funds or just avoid the transaction all together. big deal restaurants, credit or debit? >> debit. >> i use debit. >> yeah. >> a lot of folks go into restaurants use debit because they thing hey i am trying to stick to my budget here it is not a whole lot of money it is not the size of the transaction in a restaurant that concerns
8:34 am
me it is the very unique nature a restaurant setting is really one of the few times where your card leaves your possession for an extended period of time now, not suggesting people who work in restaurants are anything other than honest but these are high traffic areas debit is just like cash if for some reason there were to be fraud it is nearly impossible to get that money back. >> two quick questions back to the car rental, places that put holds on debit cards like that how long is that hold last? >> well depends really it could depend on how long the rental is or how long that deposit period is once that money is requested back it could take up to 10 business days for it to come back on the account you have to add that on top of whatever the period for the authorization is. >> what about folks who don't have any choice, if you don't have the option of credit. >> yeah, a lot of folks want to pay with plastic all they have is debit debit is like cash why
8:35 am
not use cash here is what i do if you insist on carrying plastic you don't want to carry cash my debit card is not hooked up to my primary checking account there is only a couple hundred bucks on it at any point i take money from my direct deposit when i get paid every two weeks trance certificate it to my -- transfer it so my debit account and flush it out one it keeps me on track i only have access to whatever i budgeted for and second, if there ever is fraud the crooks only have access to a couple hundred bucks at a times the not that big of a deal. >> good planning steve. >> you are awesome. all right. >> you set it up once at the bank it happens automatically. >> great idea a lot of times we don't think about things like that. >> you got it. >> steve for us thanks so very much our consumer reporter i hate to carry cash. absolutely hate it
8:36 am
>> i don't. >> i know because you are always borrowing money from me. >> like $1.25 at a time. >> good idea separate accounts. >> you have a little bit of protection every little bit helps. >> 8:36 a.m. coming up after 9, we will look at the best credit card deals out there if you are going in that direction we talk about perks like cash back travel points a lot of people say it depends what you are looking for we will invest coming up. >> all about protecting your money. a massive wild fire in an area national geographic named one of the 50 places to visit in a lifetime fox 5 morning news will be right back
8:37 am
8:38 am
somewhere in america a city comes to life. it moves effortlessly, breathes easily. it flows with clean water. it makes its skyline greener and its population healthier. all to become the kind of city
8:39 am
people want to live and work in. somewhere in america we've already answered some of the nation's toughest questions. and the over sixty thousand people of siemens are ready to do it again. siemens. answers. sounded just like it didn't i? things are hot hot hot down in texas dallas-fort worth broke a 31-year-old record with its 70th day in triple digits. wichita, 100 days of 100 degrees plus weather. >> that is not right. >> good news for folks there
8:40 am
today's high, 90 cooling off a bit dallas though expected to be triple digits, 102 degrees dallas. >> they are going to think we are some wimps. >> i speak to the animals. >> i love it. >> chicago, not nearly as hot but problem s with the air as well, air quality alert issued. >> not because of the heat but a wild fire more than 400 miles away in minnesota's boundary waters, canoe area builderness bringing smoke to chicago area, -- wilderness, bringing smoke to chicago area. it has tripled in size burning 100,000-acres in northeastern minnesota, strong winds are expected to spread the fire today. have i told you lately how much you entertain me? >> no no. >> 8:40 a.m. wednesday morning thank you alison. we needed a pick me up new
8:41 am
census numbers shedding light on poverty in america it is not good. >> no, not funny, these days one in six americans living in poverty some say it could be worse than that a closer look when we come back holly good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you take a look at that nothing like a little pony ride on a wednesday morning. we are live in charles town west virginia where pony rides are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much fun you and your family can have here. we are talking parade of horses, vintage fire trucks and more, we will tell you why you want to be a part of the heritage festival going on this weekend all next fox 5 morning news stay with us
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
a new report on rental rates looks at 25 american cities with the biggest rent hikes. it places dc at number 9 average monthly rent, $1,473 annual increase 7.4%. bethesda area, including
8:45 am
gaithersburg and frederick, 5.6% increase greenville south carolina, tops the list 11.2%, average monthly rent there, $669. well, there is a new census report out about the nations poverty rate and the numbers are astounding. sarah simmons is here in studio with details good morning. >> when it comes to the poverty rate we are talking record numbers it may be hard for many of us to wrap our brains around but not so astounding to those in the trenches fighting poverty those workers believe numbers could be higher. >> all right this is my beautiful living room couch. this is my nice table here. this is my wonderful entertainment stand. >> max seen is all smiles for the first time in a very long time she lost her home two years ago finally got an apartment but her family had nothing to sit on until yesterday when a nonprofit came through.
8:46 am
>> i was very in need and i am very appreciative of what i have received today. >> we tried to set the place up so it has dignity. >> mark heads up a wider circle the nonprofit that helped his group collects and distributes furniture to impoverished families all over the washington area. so many families, that every 48 hours this warehouse is empty he is hardly surprised at the new census numbers on poverty in this economy he sees it every day. >> there is a whole new poverty people who again used to be independent, no longer independent they have fallen on top of people who are in dramatic need prior to that. >> new census data says 46.2 million americans are in poverty nearly 1 in 6 largest number since the agency began keeping records 52 years ago, he says many families his agency helps to be considered in financial middle class. >> we have had people who donated furniture in the past said i am a little embarrassed
8:47 am
but we had our house foreclosed or had to move or downsize we don't have some of these basic need items can we come to you for help. >> he says as bad as those numbers sound it is probably a lot worse. >> many people in poverty are not counted, it is hard to get a gauge on how many people are living in poverty. they don't often have phones to answer or their doors are often not knocked on. >> and another 6 million americans of the so called boom rang generation now live with their parents and half of them would have been included in those poverty numbers if they did not have their parents to fall back on. steve and alison. >> sad. >> i know. >> in what has got to be the richest country in the world. sarah thanks so much. well, the white house saying the president will speak at the rescheduled dedication of the martin luther king memorial at the national mall the new date october 16th originally the event was planned on the 48th anniversary
8:48 am
of dr. king's i have a dream speech but had to be postponed because of hurricane irene. maryland center, pushing to have a park created for tubman. he has a bill to create parks in new york and maryland. if you have been down at the mall lately and wanted to take a nice reflection at the reflecting pool a bit of an eyesore it is under going a major renovation a 2.5 year $30 million project. the main goal is to install a filtration system, with water that would be piped in from the basin. >> reflecting pool footprint the original footprint will be exactly the same. what will be changed is what we did not have before, was any
8:49 am
recirculating filtration system. in essence before it was a large bathtub. >> so it will look a lot nicer and smell better too the project expected to be wrapped up by next spring. >> holly morris charles town west virginia, where the 2011 heritage festival is going on. holly i had to laugh because i want to say charles town blank and blank too. >> reporter: you don't want to say it but you want to say it with the voice >> i want to sing it. >> reporter: we have been doing it all morning long. you will like this tidbit alison. you know how charles town got its name? >> how. >> reporter: it is named for charles washington now do you know who that is? >> i don't. >> reporter: well, he had a fairly accomplished brother named george. >> oh, yes. don't you hate that? don't you hate that? >> reporter: i know. right. yeah, i know everybody is talking about my brother again
8:50 am
listen this weekend it is all about charles and charles town because they are gearing up for their heritage festival there is a lot of wonderful fun history like that to share peggy smith is the fine mayor of charles town and she joins me this morning good morning thank you for having us here. >> we are so glad to have you here. >> it is our pleasure there is probably a lot of people who don't know a tonne about charles town it is the county seat. >> right. >> reporter: for west virginia how many people call it home. >> 5,000 people call this their home and we were founded in 1786, by charles washington and we are celebrating that this weekend, we are having a lot of things downtown and then 5:00 p.m. we will switch things down to jefferson memorial park for an ox race we are actually burying the beet in the ground it will cook overnight on the the hot coals delicious worth a 60 minute drive.
8:51 am
>> 60? what speed are you driving? it took us 90 minutes the mayor said you could speed to get here you heard it. >> no, you have a lot of wonderful things on i know the ox roast is sponsored by the fire department. you have one of those vintage fire trucks out here. >> reporter: this is the first steam engine across the street is the first fire hall back in 1880s. >> cool piece to look at. >> reporter: you have something for everyone. i want to bring in katie, the city planner i understand you know all things kids activities when it comes to this weekend. >> i do. we are going to have plenty of things children will actually have the opportunity to meal charles washington and his brother -- meet charles washington and his brother george. we will have a heritage qwest scavenger hunt it is a great activity for the family and a competition there will be
8:52 am
awards given for various categories but it is a good way to learn about history, about charles town you have to go around the city and find the answers. >> love scavenger hunts. >> reporter: letter boxing activity you get a passport and get that stamped we will have a corn bread demonstration children can learn. >> this morning? >> reporter: no. >> darn it. >> this will be a lot more my time is fleeting you are going to have pony rides and another horse element as well that is where susie comes in she is the owner of pony express she brought out two of her gems here this morning good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me about the pony rides and parade of horses. >> okay we will have pony rides saturday at the heritage festival and the parade of horses is sunday, and it is a parade just for horses and horse drawn vehicles and stuff like that it will be right down through the center of charles town. >> what is the best way for people to take advantage and get a good spot. >> park any where downtown
8:53 am
during the parade because it is police escorted so we don't block the streets off you can park any where and the judges will stand right here, at the post office, so if you want to see special things, that is a good place to stand. >> ever thing is special in charles town. our website we have a link to heritage festival website if you want to find out more friday, saturday and sunday, and while while i would like to say fox 5 morning news coming to the festival and show casing it is the most exciting thing about the festival there is a real star that is coming an academy award winning star richard dreyfus will be a part of this festival. we will talk about that next hour. >> ohers interesting connection thanks holly. 8:53 a.m. and trying to get an exercise plan together you can get one custom made for you a little more affordable than what you might think. >> check out our current my fox
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half off deal you will know what we are talking about body dynamics arlington offering a $150 personal health assessment for $75 the 90 minute session done by physical therapist and athletic trainers at the end they provide you with a personalized exercise program for more details go to find the deal on the right side of the moment page. >> 8:54 a.m. on this wednesday morning so much more coming up in our next hour we are just packed with all kinds of fun stuff. >> we are going to look at the best credit cards you should have in your wallet in terms of pointwhat you can get back. >> low interest rates. >> actor earnest thomas from what's happening and everybody hates chris that is him on the left there and r&b singer kenny latimer going to be in town kenny will perform for us live coming up 9:00 a.m. 8:54 a.m.
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>> want to say good morning to today's facebook fan to have day. terry is using fox 5 to stay connected to home while in kuwait. we appreciate that. anybody can do that no matter where you are travelling to log on to stream the show live any where in the world. if you would like to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to our facebook page. time to turn things over to tony and alison. all right steve thank you very much here is a look at some stories we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour, it is the story we have been following for years now potential cancer near fort detrick one group has new evidence to support their case
8:59 am
a member of one of those groups joins us live in studio. >> most parents would do anything to save her child's life one mother gave her son a kidney but in the process lost her job. there is a loophole meant to protect employees in this circumstance. rb singer kenny latimore. and two will join us to talk about their new play called whatever happened to black love and latimore will perform for us we are looking forward to that in a little bit. one of my wedding songs. >> was it? >> i had two. got to be a little extra. >> looking forward to seeing both of them in the meantime tucker barnes in the weather center with all things good news right now right. >> you got it sunshine to start your day and warm temperatures mid- to upper 80s later this


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